Sunday, April 24, 2011

Week 1 done!

Done, over, gone forever.  In a way it's like playing music.  That gig is over and the playing is done.  Maybe you sounded great, maybe everything went to hell but either way, you'll never hear it again and it has no bearing on how you'll sound the next time.  And that's a good thing.

The process of learning is always very organic and often not exactly linear.  This week has demonstrated to me in so many ways that this training will wholeheartedly embrace a variety of processes to teach us some important lessons, both for getting through these upcoming weeks and for taking out into the world.

What I started learning about this week:
1. Be kind, compassionate, and open to everyone because you *never* know who that person is, where they're coming from, or what they might teach you.
2. Patience will be one of the most important qualities to cultivate during these next 8 weeks. 
3. Removing the ego will be another one.
4. Yoga works so much better when the brain is not allowed to make decisions anymore.
5. Time is very valuable, every moment is important, and a whole lot of stuff can get done in five minutes.
6. My body is apparently hardwired with receptors in the brain that respond to potatoes like they're drugs - at least while I'm at training.  :::currently in very satisfied potato stupor:::
7. Sometimes there is no greater feeling than to sit and do nothing and think nothing.

There are lots more but I plan on taking advantage of this time for some well-deserved sleep.

A few shots of the hot room before class today:

Mike, Dia, Adrienne (my roomie!!)
The Torture Chamber
 Aren't those crystal chandeliers amazing?