Sunday, May 15, 2011

Staring down Week 5 - Bring it on

Can I bluff the next week into easing off just a little?  Or at least long enough for me to finish getting over this stupid, debilitating cold I've been suck with since Thursday night?  Probably not, but it's worth a shot.

All day yesterday I spent recuperating, i.e. sleeping and drinking water.  Occasionally eating something, though I had no real appetite to speak of.  Didn't get a bit of studying done until the evening, when my buddy Will and I worked on dialogue.  By body was in such rough shape when I work up on Saturday that I managed to get excused from the morning yoga class, my first missed class in 4 weeks.  No fever, but my entire body felt like it had been run over by a Mack truck filled with elephants.  Fat elephants.  Couple that with sore throat, congestion, and a head that felt like it was in a vice and you've got one very sad specimen.  Had to make my massage appointment as it was too late to cancel.  It took every ounce of determination to get myself out of bed and to the car, realized I forgot the car key half-way to the garage (damn!), but got there on time nonetheless.  Poor Brian, my amazing massage therapist, had to keep pausing to allow me to drain my nose every 20 minutes or so.  It's surprising how much fluid wants to exit your nose when you're face down on the massage table for 1.5 hours.

Today, Sunday, feeling a bit better.  Or at least not like roadkill.  Maybe leftovers that are just starting to turn.  I know this is temporary and that everyone gets sick.  And I should feel lucky that this happened on a weekend.  And that I don't have strep throat, like so many of my fellow trainees seem to have.  But instead I'm just frustrated that I haven't been able to get ahead on my dialogue as much as I'd hoped.  Also frustrated that instead of joining in on any fun activities I was stuck inside feeling awful.  It's really amazing how hard it is to feel positive when your body is ill and not functioning at peak.  Right now the idea of getting up tomorrow and making it through a whole yoga class is daunting, but I know it has to get done.  

Ok Triangle Pose.  Gonna get you done.

Anatomy final, I'm ready for you.  You're going down.

Have I really been living here for four weeks already!?!  WOW!