Thursday, April 28, 2011

And cue the new/old/weird injuries.

This week has presented some fairly big challenges for me so far and it's only Wednesday night!  Something unpleasant is going on in my back that makes all forward bends rather painful by the afternoon class.  Might just call that massage therapist I've heard such good things about because dealing with this kind of pain during class (and while sitting in lecture) is exhausting.

On the flip side, there is a great deal of opening in my shoulders, hips, and neck that I wasn't at all expecting!  That is also painful (oh, my right hip!) but it's pain of the positive, moving-forward, achieving more flexibility kind.  Stupid back.  Get with the program.

The Today Show special taped in part on the first day of training aired yesterday:

Fairly well balanced and they didn't highlight all of the trainees who died small deaths during that class (like me!).  If the non-initiated had watched that entire class, they'd be terrified to actually participate in their first one!  It was *that* hot.  I did not make the video cut, so no images of me sweating away in the hot room. Probably a good thing.  That first class was brutal.

Speaking of the heat, the hot room here at training has been fairly moody.  It bolted out of the gate last week, an inferno, then cooled to merely an industrial furnace.  Then it went cold for a full day to the point that I could feel cold air blowing on my body.  But have no fear, the HVAC elves went to work and as of today, we are all the happy recipients of the real "I kill you more" treatment in the proper heat.

Last night was another late night (3:30am) and tonight isn't much better.  Hopefully five hours is enough time to recover enough to get through morning class.  Glad I have a solid few years in grad school under my belt to prepare me for these late nights.

As long as I can keep eating, staying up late isn't too bad.  Gotta front-load those carbs for tomorrow, right?

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