Friday, April 8, 2011

Arms out like airplane wings... so why does my plane need a gas station?

Well, I made it to Logan Int'l Airport (Boston, Massachusetts) and am waiting patiently at my gate for the flight that will take me to California, 3,000 miles closer to Teacher Training.  In an interesting development, it looks as though my carefully considered and consciously chosen nonstop flight into Long Beach has acquired an extra stop.  For gas.  That's right, my 747 will need to stop at a gas station in Phoenix, AZ due to strong headwinds.  Should I take this in stride or read some kind of metaphorical significance into this stop? 

Arms out like airplane wings... so why does my plane need a gas station?  Since reality is really a matter of perception (love that I can make sweeping statements like this and not have to defend them at every step) I have decided to interpret this rather unusual turn of events as a personal directive to make sure I take a moment to pause during the upcoming TT craziness and "refuel" my mind/body/spirit/energy.  I can only imagine that after the first few weeks of moving along, slavishly learning dialogue, moving from task to task with zombie-like obedience, forcing the reluctant body through class after class in the hot room, that the autopilot probably starts to take over.  This is a survival mechanism and very important for the whole getting through piece of the experience.  But maybe this odd little hiccup in my travels is meant to be a reminder that pausing to refuel, to reflect on the process, may be important as well.  Now if I can hang onto this thought past week 2 I'll be mightily pleased with myself.

Now we've reached the portion of our programming devoted to the obligatory packing photos.  What would this Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Blog be without it?  It's like a rite of passage.  I didn't post my packing list, as it's still evolving, but I did have to do a fair bit of packing to get from one family house (Western Massachusetts) to the other family house (Long Beach, CA).


5 sets of hot room clothes
4 sets of posture clinic/non-hot yoga clothes
2 pairs of sweatpants (the uniform I will probably wear whenever not actively in clinics or hot room)

(not going to comment on how aggravating that particular requirement was - whoops, guess I just did)

Time has passed and have since starting this post, I have arrived in Los Angeles.  Going to try my luck at a few Friday afternoon yard sales to see if I can find a juicer, blender, and electric tea kettle at a deep discount.  

Anyone else having anxiety dreams about delivering dialogue to a class full of people only to have two things happen:
1. Go completely blank after the words "Everybody together"
2. Have a teacher prompt you with dialogue you have never, ever heard before?

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