Monday, April 18, 2011

Hot as 100 donkeys... what-ing?

Not only was today the first class we had with Bikram, but there was a film crew from the Today Show present the entire time!!  I think I caught a glimpse of one of those poor fellows, dressed in very practical street clothes of course, after having given up on his sopping wet shirt and filming without it on.  But I died a small (very small) death in there so it could have easily been a hallucination.  The show will air on April 26th at 8am on NBC.

It will be fascinating to see what hits the cutting room floor and what is kept intact in what I presume will be a fairly short television spot.  There were a number of choice phrases thrown around today by Boss, so it's kind of a crap shoot as to how it will turn out.  Hopefully will paint a representative picture as they have over 90 minutes of footage.

The first class today was exciting and amazing.  It was also incredibly hot.  I mean hotter/more humid than any class I've ever ever ever taken in my entire life.  No joke!  During the meat of the standing series people were not only dropping like flies but they were leaving the room!  At least 1/4 of those people left the room at some point during class, in particular when transitioning to the floor.  My own experience was intense and it took some incredible determination to stay in that room today.  The humidity alone made it feel like a real-and-for-true steam room, complete with a heavy mist in the air.  I set up third row, left hand side, and didn't have nearly enough water.  Tomorrow will be better!

Speaking of tomorrow, things really begin in earnest come 8am so I'm determined to get some last precious hours of sleep before killing myself again in the morning.

Feeling very grateful tonight for the opportunity to be able to undertake this incredible challenge.  Knowing that there are 425 (the number went down by a few yesterday apparently) other yogis on this path is overwhelming and really serves to bolster my own sense that this is, indeed, the right challenge for me to undertake now.  

Have to add that I'm loving the mini dialogue practice sessions that have popped up randomly in the hotel lobby.  The reactions of the poor guests who have to deal with all of us sweaty, incessantly reciting, and ubiquitous yogis as we go about our business here is just priceless.  Can not begin to imagine the impression we make on them as one person recites Half Moon and two or three others move into the posture in tandem.  Love it!

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  1. omg, Today Show?!?!?! i'm setting my DVR for sure!